Archaeology & Photography – the early years 1868 -1880
Ismeth Raheem

About the Author(s)

Ismeth Raheem is an architect by profession and is based in Colombo. One of his chief interests is in the visual arts of Sri Lanka’s colonial period. He has organized and written catalogues for a number of exhibitions on the history of painting and engraving. His publications include – Images of British Ceylon, 19th C Photography of Sri Lanka(2000). He has contributed entries to the Dictionary of Art ( London, Macmillan 1996). He has published on other subjects including the Dutch Burghers of Sri Lanka and, Furniture from the colonial period. . He is also an artist and has exhibited his work in Sri Lanka, Europe and the USA.

About the Book

This book offers an innovative account on the history of photography in relation to the field of archaeology in sri Lanka during the colonial period. It focuses on the work of the photographer Joseph Lawton and other first generation photographers working in the country. The author being a photo-historian this book contains much information which will make it an indispensable tool to researchers, historians and anyone interested in photography and archaeology of Sri Lanka