Coral Reefs of Sri Lanka
Nishan Perera

About the Author(s)

Nishan Perera is a marine biologist with an interest in coral reef ecology and fish behavior. He has worked on a diverse range of topics that include reef fish ecology, coral bleaching, marine protected areas, marine eco-tourism, fisheries and coast resource management. Nishan is an avid dive enthusiast and spends much of his free time exploring and photographing the coral reefs and ship wrecks around Sri Lanka. At the time of writing this book Nishan Perera was working on a PhD at Linnacus University in Sweden. His doctoral research focused on the distribution and ecology of seahorses in Puttalam Lagoon and the trade of live seahorses for the marine ornamental trade

About the Book

Sri Lanka is surrounded by numerous underwater reef habitats and sustains a wealth of marine biodiversity. This book provides an introduction to the coral and rocky reefs around Sri Lanka, with description of different reef types and distributions in Sri Lanka and information on basic reef ecology. It also provides information on animal behavior, marine conservation and other interesting aspects of the marine environment. The text is illustrated throughout with colour photographs taken underwater in Sri Lanka.