Gammadu Mangallaya – Kandyan Tradition
E.K. Hemathilaka Bandara

About the Author(s)

Traditional Dancer, Artist and Sculptor

Kalawadi Prasadini (Honorary) – Vishvabinandana

About the Book

Gammadu can be identified as rituals held in order to ward off mosquito-borne and other diseases. Upcountry Gammadu festival is dedicated to the Goddess Paththini and includes drama, music and art aspects. It forms part of Goddess Paththini worship in the country. Research into the Gammadu rituals reveals that it begins with the “planting of Kap” a branch of a young jak tree. It can be seen that modes of dancing, rhythms and beat in upcountry Kohomba Kankari have influenced Gammadu Festival. There is a team of 35 artisans for the Gammadu festival. It is their goal to bestow these cultural aspects to future generations.

The book is published by the National Trust Sri Lanka in Sinhala with English translation.