Grown in Sri Lanka – Cultivated Flowering Plants
Sriyanie Miththapala, Siril Wijesundara, Janaki Galappatti

About the Author(s)

Dr. Sriyanie Miththapala graduated in Biology from the University of Colombo and obtained her MA in Biology from Smith College, USA. Dr Siril Wijesundara has a BSc and MPhil in Botany from the University of Peradeniya and an MPhil and PhD in Biology in New York. Dr. Janaki Galappatti, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, has a M.Sc. from Imperial College, London and a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Plant Pathology.

About the Book

This book describes flowering plants that are commonly cultivated or planted in Sri Lanka for food, wood, medicine, fuelwood, shade or commercial purposes. These plants usually have to be planted deliberately by humans and do not generally spread widely by themselves. This selection of species is offered not only through the lens of their many uses to humans but also to celebrate their beauty. The authors, all biologists, who wrote the previous volume ‘Flowering plants commonly encountered in Sri Lankan habitats’ have minimised the use of scientific terminology without foregoing scientific accuracy.