Heritage Day Tours – Volume 1
Nilan Cooray

About the Author(s)

Dr. Nilan Cooray is a chartered architect and a heritage conservationist by profession. He has 25 years of experience in managing and conserving Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage in various capacities including Direct Conservation and Director Development at the Central Cultural Fund. His doctoral thesis examines the 5th century landscape design of Sigiriya with particular emphasis on the design tools and techniques employed, and the design principles and rules applied by the designers at Sigiriya. He also served as the UNESCO’s international expert resource person to provide advice to Myanmar’s Department of Archaeology in preparing management plants for the World Heritage nomination of Pyu Ancient Cities in Myanmar. Currently he serves as the International Conservation Specialist for a project to conserve prime heritage sites in Bangladesh, which is funded by the Asian Development Bank

About the Book

This publication covers various facets of Sri Lanka’s heritage including monuments and sites, canals and waterways, arts and crafts, natural heritage, rituals of various faiths, industrial heritage etc. It is written in a manner to provide a guide to those interested in heritage values to visit places of cultural and natural interests as ‘heritage day tours’ and spend their leisure time meaningfully, enjoying and appreciating both popular as well as the lesser know aspects of Sri Lanka’s heritage