Sri Lankan Painting in the 20th Century
Professor Senake Bandaranayake, Professor Albert Dharmasiri

About the Author(s)

Professor Senake Bandaranayake is emeritus professor of archeology at the University of Kelaniya. He is the author/editor of a number of books on the archeology and culture of Sri Lanka. He is best known for his excavations and research at Sigiriya, over a period of nearly two decades. His interest in traditional and contemporary art goes back to the 1960s when he was associate editor of the UNESCO ?WCOTP series, Man Through His Art. He was the founder director of the Postgraduate Institute of Archeology, Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya and Sri Lanka’s ambassador to France and UNESCO and High Commissioner in India.

Professor Albert Dharmasiri was the former head of the School of Art, which now is the University of Visual and Performing Arts. He still continues as a visiting lecturer and practices as a professional painter and graphic artist.

About the Book

The book covers an overview of the 20th century painters of Sri Lanka both of the oriental and western traditions. It contains the works of over 75 painters covering over 200 illustrations. It also traces the background of the leading painters of the 20th century.