The Sculpture of Tissa Ranasinghe
Neville Weereratne

About the Author(s)

Neville Weereratne has been writing on art in Sri Lanka since the 1950s when he worked as a journalist on the Daily News and later on the Observer. He is the author of “The ’43 Group : a chronicle of Fifty Years in the Art of Sri Lanka” (1993),”The art of Richard Gabriel” ( 1999), “Visions of an island: Rare Works from Sri Lanka in the Christopher Ondaatje Collection”(1999)and “George Bevan: a Life in Art”(2004). He is also a painter who has exhibited his work with the ’43 Group over many years and later took part in joint exhibitions with his wife Sybil Keyt, in Colombo and in Melbourne.

About the Book

Tissa Ranasinghe’s talents have taken him from the drawing board and easel to the chisel and the mallet – to carve, model and make in stone, in wood or bronze in the casting of a multiplicity of images. He draws upon his deep appreciation of the life and experiences of the Buddha for his inspiration. He is also influenced by the Hindu pantheon to draw from its poetic expression of the human condition. His craftsmanship as a portraitist has seen the creation of many sculptures of distinguished people in Sri Lanka ; prime ministers, poets, writers, scholars, artists, actors, musicians, dancers and many others.